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If you're shopping around for that perfect piece of jewelry and can't seem to find the right item, have no fear. Parrish Jewelers is here to save the day. Our jewelry store has a 21-year history of selling jewelry in Quincy, IL. We have a wide range of pieces, including diamond jewelry, precious gemstones and Italian gold.

Our owners have 70 years of combined experience in the field. Since the early '80s, they've provided custom fabrication and repair services. Whether you need a custom piece made from scratch or a family heirloom resized, you can count on our jewelers to produce a stunning piece.

For your convenience, all custom fabrication or repair services take place in-store. To schedule a consultation with one of our jewelers, call today.

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When you shop at our jewelry store, you can guarantee a stress-free experience. Here's why we're recognized as one of the top licensed and insured stores in Quincy, IL:

We provide exceptional customer service

We can size your ring within 15 minutes

We fabricate all custom pieces in-house

We don't have overhead pricing, so you're receiving the best deal possible

Since we're highly rated with one of the largest and most reputable credit reporting bureaus in the nation, we're able to provide honest services and products with integrity.

The price of our diamonds can't be beat. If you don't see what you like at our jewelry store, no worries! We do business with multiple jewelry brokers across the nation who can access diamond or gem options that match your preference. Stop by our store today to start shopping.

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