Fill Your Jewelry Box With Gold Chains and Gold Bracelets

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Parrish Jewelers is home to a wide selection of Italian gold chains and gold bracelets. All pieces are 14-karat gold and come with a limited warranty. Since we handle all fabrication and customization in-house, we're able to adjust sizing per your request.

Come see our inventory of gold chains and gold bracelets in Quincy, IL today.

Why invest in gold jewelry?

Why invest in gold jewelry?

When you purchase gold jewelry, you’re doing more than making a fashion statement. Several investors stock up on gold chains or gold bracelets because:

  • Gold is a liquid asset
  • Gold holds its value
  • Gold is hard to destroy

Our gold is premium quality and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Whether you choose to hold on to your piece or sell it down the line, you can feel confident knowing it’ll hold its value.

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