About Us

Parrish Jewelers
2826 North 18th Street
Quincy, IL 62305
(217) 223-4653

Rick and Nancy have over fifty years in the jewelry Industry. They have worked in Texas, St Charles, Ottumwa, and have been serving the Quincy area since 2000. Rick and Nancy are both are graduates from Gem City College. Rick has studied advanced diamond setting from Trenton School of jewelry in Memphis, Tennessee. Parrish Jewelers was formed in 1998 after working for many family owned jewelers, some of which have been open for more than 100 years.

We offer:

  • Diamonds
  • 14k Gold Chains & Bracelets
  • Diamond rings
  • diamond pendants and diamond earrings
  • Cash for Gold
  • Custom jewelry design
  • Jewelry repair